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Welcome to Bryeridge Kennels!
Golden Retrievers!!

We are conveniently located in the little town that time forgot of Tionesta, PA. We breed our uniquely beautiful friends in the midst of the Alleghany and Cook's Forests with down home values and backyard barbeques. Raised to fit into any circumstances they may encounter our Golden Retrievers are as at home in the city as they are splashing around in a country pond. Not merely bred for their amazing looks but also high intelligence, our lines are also frequently involved in activities spanning from search and rescue to service dogs for the handicapped as well as being that furry companion that just plain loves being with you, guaranteeing we have the new four legged family member you are looking for.
When you get your new family member from us you can rest assured all of our breeding stock has attained all of their clearances with hips, eyes, heart, and elbows. We will not ever breed with a sub-standard animal be it ours or someone elses. Our sincerest desire is to make sure we are providing only the highest quality animals ensuring them a long and happy life with you and your family.



What's Goin On??

03-01-14 Took Joe, Scotch, Brook, and Angel up to the eye doctor...ALL PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!! We are so proud of 'em all.
03-26-14 Scotch and Angel went in to have their clearances checked and passed with outstanding results. .
03-29-14 Belle came back from a brief sojourn to New York and is fitting right back in with the family
04-10-14 Leeza had her finale litter of 1, after a long night and early morning we packed things up and went to Dr Browns office, after a very painfull labor she had an emergency c-section..1 baby made it... our little Midget will stay and have a spot beside her momma in bed. Bless the 2 little ones that did not make it...


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